DIY: Rubbermaid Bio-Filter?

Answer Bio-filters provide a healthy and ecologically sound way to regulate your fish tank or pond water. They work by running the water over porous material on which bacteria live. The bacteria consume t... Read More »

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Who invented Rubbermaid?

James R. Caldwell founded Rubbermaid in 1933. His first product was a red rubber dustpan. In July 1934, he merged Rubbermaid with The Wooster Rubber company, which eventually changed its name to Ru... Read More »

How to Cut a Rubbermaid Container?

People choose Rubbermaid products because they are high quality, durable, and they last for years. Their high quality construction is what makes them so hard to cut into when you want to alter the... Read More »

How to Wax with Rubbermaid Commercial Products?

Rubbermaid Commercial Product Wax Paper isn't specifically made for hair removal, but the Rubbermaid wax paper can be used successfully with wax from another kit. Many people have purchased wax kit... Read More »

What plastic is used for Rubbermaid products?

It depends on the product. Rubbermaid has some food containers which use polycarbonate, the plastic which contains BPA. Because of the concern which has been raised over BPA and increased cancer r... Read More »