DIY Pad for "Dance Dance Revolution"?

Answer If you use DDR occasionally, a soft pad might be sufficient for your needs, but avid "Dance Dance Revolution" users will get better use out of a hard pad because it is more durable and offers an ex... Read More »

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How to Play Dance Dance Revolution With a Guitar Hero Controller?

Want to practice rhythms on Dance Dance Revolution, or rack up a great high score, but you're bad at the game? This article will teach you how to play Dance Dance Revolution... the easy way.

How to Lose Weight Playing Dance Dance Revolution?

A song on DDR DDR matsDance Dance Revolution is a fun game and a great source of exercise that's great for losing weight. To learn how to lose weight using DDR, read on!

How to Maintain Stamina While Playing Dance Dance Revolution?

Dance Dance Revolution is a popular dancing simulation games by Konami corporation. It requires a lot of stamina, especially when you advance to the higher levels. There are some people that is lac... Read More »

How Much Does the Dance Dance Revolution Arcade Game Cost?

Nathan Segrest of says that a doubles machine tends to cost upward of $3,000 at an auction. He also says that you can order a machine directly from Japan, but this is significantly mor... Read More »