DIY Outboard Motor Hoist?

Answer You can make your own hoist for an outboard motor by utilizing the ceiling in your garage or the storage area for your boat. To do this, you can mount a chain hoist to the ceiling joists. This will... Read More »

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What Causes a Spun Hub on an Outboard Motor?

A spun hub on an outboard motor happens when the propeller body becomes detached from the hub, causing the hub to spin futilely without turning the propeller. Because the prop is no longer firmly a... Read More »

Outboard Motor Checklist?

Outboard motors require some specific attention before an outing and even after a return trip from a day on the lake, river or ocean. The outboard motor has a number of systems that need periodic m... Read More »

What Are the Levers on an Outboard Motor?

Some outboard motors have as many as four levers; others have only two. All are mounted on the motor, but sometimes two are disconnected and their function is controlled from a remote lever. The le... Read More »

How to Buy and Install an Outboard Motor?

Buying an outboard motor can be a large investment, and one which should last a long time. Choosing the right size and type is critical to getting the most enjoyment for your money.