DIY Off-Grid Wind Power?

Answer The sun is not the only green or relatively free alternative energy source. Depending on your location there may be an ample supply of free wind you can harness with a do-it-yourself (DIY) off-grid... Read More »

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If the wind speed doubles what happens to the theoretical wind power?

When wind speed doubles, the theoretical wind power increases by eight times. This is because wind power is determined by the equation "P = 0.5 x rho x A x V^3". Where A is the size of the turbine... Read More »

Is solar power better than wind power?

On One Hand: Wind Energy Has AdvantagesWind energy creates electricity when giant windmills have their turbines spun by wind current. Windmills do not require as much ground space as solar plants b... Read More »

How to protect a power grid system?

The only ways that they could possibly protect the power grid against large solar storms is either to disconnect them or put in backup systems that will prevent blackouts from happening.

Workouts That Power the Grid?

Your treadmill can power you neighbor's porch light -- in theory. Any kind of generator, in addition to taking electricity from the power grid, can make it available to the grid as well. Any electr... Read More »