DIY Milk-Jug Light Box?

Answer Light boxes are indispensable tools for professional photographers. By diffusing strong light into an unfocused, bright glow, light boxes help photographers create shadowless and uniformly lit pho... Read More »

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Which is better, skim milk or light soy milk?

On One Hand: Skim Milk: Weight Control and NutrientsWith only 80 calories and 0 grams of fat in an 8-oz. serving, skim milk helps individuals looking to lose weight. It also provides nutrients, is ... Read More »

Does infrared light go through milk?

Milk is a unique substance when it comes to light. If you shine an infrared light on milk, the beam will not go through the liquid. Instead, it will illuminate the particles in the milk, causing it... Read More »

Light Soy Milk Side Effects?

According to a 2009 article published in "USA Today," it is estimated that 60 percent of the adult population worldwide cannot digest cow's milk. Soy milk and its light variety have become popular ... Read More »

Can anyone tell me the difference between cow milk, soy milk, almond milk and rice milk?

YesCow milk tastes like milk, the rest are merely scam imitations, rather than direct substitutes. It's like calling Mountain Dew, milk.