DIY: How to Detail a Car's Interior?

Answer You don't need to spend a fortune to have the interior of your car detailed,. It is fairly simple to do it yourself. Detailing your car regularly not only keeps the job simple, but also keeps the i... Read More »

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How to Detail the Interior of a Car?

When it comes to cleaning the car, it's all in the details, or rather, detailing. Once the wax job is finished, take a little time to go beyond the usual vacuuming job and really work on the interi... Read More »

How to Renew Interior Plastic in Cars?

Over time, automotive interior plastics lose their luster. Haze, white spots and discoloration caused by ultraviolet rays are sometimes difficult or impossible to remove using waxes or other clean... Read More »

How Does Cigarette Smoke Affect the Interior of Cars?

Your car’s interior collects third-hand smoke if you smoke cigarettes while driving or allow your passengers to do so. Third-hand smoke is the remaining residual materials from tobacco smoke, eve... Read More »

If you own two cars do you have to carry the same auto insurance on both cars even if both cars are in your name?

You can have ins on both car with same ins polictyAnswerYes, You need both cars insured. the vechicle can be added to your policy.