DIY High Power Headlight?

Answer If you are dissatisfied with the brightness and quality of your factory-installed halogen headlights, you can replace them with high-powered headlights, called High Intensity Discharge bulbs. HID h... Read More »

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Headlight High Beam Rules?

Headlight high beams on a car are a useful tool. When used incorrectly, however, they can cause harm to yourself and to other drivers--day or night. It's critical to understand the rules of high be... Read More »

What is a high power usb port?

According to the USB Implementers Forum, a high-power USB port must provide more than 100 milliamps (mA) of power. Most modern USB ports are high power—one exception is the ports on a USB hub tha... Read More »

High power Infrared LED?

How high are power lines?

The height for power lines can vary, but power lines are generally at least 10 to 15 feet above the tree tops. The electric line sag is typically no lower than 27 feet from the ground. These regula... Read More »