DIY Hexagon Tank?

Answer Hexagon tanks provide more of an abstract look than a typical rectangle tank. With six panes of glass to view from, this kind of tank can easily be placed in the center of a room. Being a pricey ce... Read More »

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How to Do Hexagon Lap Weaving?

Hexagon lap weaving uses a hexagonal loom. The loom can be cut from a 1-inch piece of plywood; wooden pegs or nails are placed around the perimeter to hold the yarn. Pre-made looms can be purchased... Read More »

What are Hexagon Units?

The hexagon is a six-sided shape that can be regular, where every side is equal in length, or irregular, where the sides are unequal. The regular hexagon, as a stable and standardized shape occurri... Read More »

How to Draw a Hexagon?

A regular hexagon, also called a perfect hexagon, has six equal sides and six equal angles. The following steps allow you to draw both a perfect hexagon and a rough, eyeballed hexagon. For an expla... Read More »

How many diagonals does a hexagon have?

A diagonal is a line that joins any two corners of a polygon. A hexagon has nine diagonals. To calculate the number of diagonals of any polygon, use the following formula, where N represents the nu... Read More »