DIY Halloween Contest Prizes?

Answer Whether you're hosting a few Halloween games for friends or a costume contest for the entire community, you might need some Halloween prizes made specifically for the occasion. But you don't have t... Read More »

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How to Organize a Halloween Costume Contest?

Halloween! everybody will be happy for a costume contest.Read this and there will be no stress at all! So here it is, enjoy.

How to Win Your School Halloween Costume Contest?

So you're going to a school Halloween costume contest and you want to win. Simple; all you need is a good costume.

How to Win a Costume Contest at Halloween on Club Penguin?

If you're not a member of Club Penguin but still want to win the costume contest, this can be tricky but here are some ideas that might help you a little.

Does anyone remember a childrens pre-school show that had an audience of children and parents and a castle full of prizes You had to pick a key to unlock the castle to win the prizes?

The closest thing would be the interactive- audience (studio) participatory sort of borderline quiz-show Shenanigans. I don"t recall anything resembling a castle or palace, but contestants tossed o... Read More »