DIY Hail Dent Removal?

Answer National Weather Service data show that it is more likely for hailstorms to happen during the spring. While the clouds that produce them can be sporadic, the onslaught of a hailstorm can cause aest... Read More »

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Does dry ice hail dent removal work?

On One Hand: It Does WorkDry ice causes hail dents, which are usually small, to pop back out. The dry ice makes the metal contract, which causes the dent to remove itself.On the Other: There Are Ne... Read More »

Paintless Dent Removal and Hail Repair?

If your car is left outside during a hailstorm, you may return to find it covered in small dents. The severity of the dents will depend on the size of the hail. Having these dents removed at a prof... Read More »

Hail Stone Dent Removal Techniques?

For those of us who get caught out in a storm or do not have a garage at home, hail can have a devastating effect on the body of our vehicles. Ice balls ranging in size from a BB to a grapefruit ca... Read More »

Aluminum Siding Hail Dent Repair?

Aluminum siding holds up well to most glancing blows, but a sudden sharp strike can cause an obvious dent marring its appearance. Hail can form such a blow, causing dents in the siding that make a ... Read More »