DIY Guitar Amplifier?

Answer A DIY guitar amplifier gives you complete control over the accessories your amplifier will have, as well as the cost. Although a DIY amplifier can be a project for beginners, if you plan to start f... Read More »

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Can I use my bass guitar on an electric guitar amplifier ?

do it and enjoy it very welli know so many blackmetallers that use this way for their bass

What is a combo guitar amplifier?

A combo guitar amplifier, often shortened to "combo amp" or just "combo," is an excellent alternative to a standard rig consisting of an amplifier head and a speaker cabinet. Combo amps are becomin... Read More »

Who invented the first guitar amplifier?

Electric guitars and their accompanying amplifiers were developed in conjunction with each other, so the actual inventor of the guitar amplifier is a matter of debate. Leo Fender is generally credi... Read More »

How to Maintain a Guitar Amplifier?

If you play electric guitar, you have an amplifier. You should get many years of music out of your setup, however at times amplifiers do break down. Follow these steps to prolong the life of your amp.