DIY Giant Chimes?

Answer Metal pipes make a bell-like musical sound when struck. To tune the pipes to an exact tone, you must cut the pipes long and grind them down until they chime with the correct frequency. You use an e... Read More »

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Although he looks like a giant canary what Sesame Street character insists that he's a giant condor?

Although he looks like a giant canary what sesame street character insists that he a giant condor?

What do the chimes mean on a TomTom GPS?

TomTom offers paid services, such as speed camera alerts and the ability to carry on phone conversations while lowering the volume of GPS audio directions. The TomTom GPS chimes when closing in on ... Read More »

Where did wind chimes come from?

Wind bells, as wind chimes were called in 2nd century India and China, were hung from the corners of pagodas, palaces, pavilions, temples and private homes. The tinkling caused by the slightest bre... Read More »