DIY Firewood Storage?

Answer Firewood shouldn't be piled on the ground. When it sits directly on the ground, the wood gets moist on the bottom from lack of air circulation and develops mold or starts to rot. It will also attra... Read More »

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What does hard drive RPM matter I understand storage capacity (GB) and storage/transfer rate (bps) But RPM?

The faster the RPM's the fasterthe heads cover the actual area of the HDD storage space. That is what seeking is.The heads must find the address of a file before is can be transfered or more data... Read More »

Will Cloud based storage beat External hard drive storage?

The disadvantage of cloud is that you need to upload your files and you need to have a good stable connection where as the ex HDD are easy, plug and play.But if you want you can go for cloud which ... Read More »

Difference between Online Storage and Cloud Storage?

Online storage is storage accessible via a network.Cloud Storage is a new type of online storage that utilizes cloud networking. In cloud networking several servers doing the same tasks are used to... Read More »

How to Dry Firewood?

Drying or seasoning firewood means significantly reducing the moisture content of your firewood by storing it in an environment where it can dry out over time. Dried/seasoned firewood burns more ef... Read More »