DIY: Fiberglass Mold?

Answer From motorcycles to muscle cars, fiberglass can be used in many ways to produce custom parts and body panels at a relatively low cost. For years many enthusiasts have turned to fiberglass to take ... Read More »

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How to Mold Fiberglass?

The article will explain how to mold fiberglass for personal projects.

How to Mold a Fiberglass Bumper?

Fiberglass is a good material to create vanity car parts like designer bumpers. The sheets can be molded into the shape you want and you can then create that shape by mixing with a polyester resin.... Read More »

How to Mold Custom Fiberglass Kickpanels?

Fiberglass and carbon fiber interior panels can add a touch of customization to any interior, or they can provide a place to mount aftermarket speakers and other accoutrements. Creating such DIY pa... Read More »

Fiberglass Prototype Mold Making?

Prototyping a new invention is an exciting and scary time. One of the challenges is obtaining the parts you will need. Today more and more people are fabricating their own prototype parts in fiberg... Read More »