DIY: Facial Massage Technique at Home?

Answer Facial massage is an enjoyable way to provide a quick feeling of rejuvenation. Because it doesn't require any special oils or equipment, you can give yourself a simple facial massage at any time. P... Read More »

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Bowen Technique Massage Therapy?

Tom Bowen, the Australian founder of the Bowen Technique, compared his massage style to the act of tuning a guitar. The technique uses small, gentle movements intended to provide a sense of harmony... Read More »

How to Use the Cupping Technique for a Back Massage?

Age-old, ancient techniques have combined forces with modern science to give us the cupping technique in back massages. Cupping within a massage can do amazing things for your body, including spee... Read More »

How to Use the Sphenoid Compression Technique in Cranial Massage?

Cranial sacral release therapy is so gentle it is often used on small children and the elderly. Incorporating a variety of simple holds, cranial sacral massage stimulates and balances the fluid cir... Read More »

How to Perform the First Porital Lift Technique in Cranial Massage?

Gentle enough for even infants and the elderly, cranial sacral release therapy is a form of massage that works to stimulate and balance the fluid circulating through the skull, the spine and the sa... Read More »