DIY Cheap Fake Turf?

Answer Artificial turf, also called indoor-outdoor carpet or AstroTurf, is a durable floor covering that is generally used in outdoor spaces, like porches or patios or in transitional rooms like mud rooms... Read More »

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How do I chemically remove clover in turf or athletic turf?

Killing CloverSelect a phenoxy-type herbicide from your local garden store. Pour the herbicide into a garden sprayer, and spray the clover in the early fall by following the directions on the packa... Read More »

What's a cheap, easy way to make fake blood?

Why fake it? Occasionally I need blood for agar plates. I just draw my own blood into 500ml bags and freeze it. I was a junkie so I know where to hit gushers and I have friends at the hospital. I d... Read More »

Cheap ways to fake insulate my sunroom?

Hi Strange Melodies, I’m Blake from Home Depot, let’s get that sunroom cozy for thanksgiving! The first thing you will want to achieve is air-tightness. A great start is putting some 6mil plast... Read More »

Where could you buy cheap and real not fake drdre earphones?

Alexander Graham Bell worked on devices that would help kids and adults who had severe hearing loss. One of his devices was a single headphone that could effectively deliver loud sound to a deaf pe... Read More »