DIY Change Jars?

Answer A homemade change jar is just as effective as a store bought piggy bank in helping you save money. This allows the person, young or old, to watch his money pile up inside the bank. Decorating the c... Read More »

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How do i clean old jars?

SoakPlace jars in a sink or tub filled with warm, soapy water. This will remove most residues, according to Historic Glasshouse. The website warns against placing glass in water that is too warm or... Read More »

How to Bake in Jars?

Baking a cake in a wide-mouth glass jar adds a distinctive appearance to the finished cake. Baking in a resealable jar gives you the option of sealing the container after baking, then storing the c... Read More »

How to Seal Jars?

Anybody who grows her own food should know how to properly can and store fruits and vegetables. Canning is also good for homemade sauces, jams, salsas and soups made in bulk. To ensure your canned ... Read More »

Styles of Canopic Jars?

Embalming and mummification were the funerary rituals of the ancient Egyptians. The organs of the dead were removed and preserved in specialized funerary vessels known as canopic jars. The removed ... Read More »