DIY Carbon Fiber Construction?

Answer Carbon fiber construction is available to consumers to create carbon fiber for their own personal and specific needs. Carbon fiber is made of layers of carbon fiber fabric that is often sold by the... Read More »

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How to Make Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is a material that is growing in popularity due to its sturdiness yet relatively light weight. Carbon fiber is being used more and more frequently in the creation of bicycles, airplane... Read More »

DIY Carbon Fiber Sheets?

Carbon fiber sheets are used for a number of purposes because of the material's strength and rigidity. Many automotive interior panels are custom made using carbon fiber sheets. However, they are e... Read More »

The Benefits of Carbon Fiber Car Parts?

Carbon fiber offers several benefits when used in automobile parts, but these composites were not initially designed for this purpose. They were originally designed for aircraft applications, accor... Read More »

What is a carbon fiber hood?

A carbon fiber hood is a car hood that is made out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber hoods are stronger and lighter than other types of hoods. The benefit of using carbon fiber hoods is to reduce weigh... Read More »