DIY Car Battery Recycling?

Answer Car batteries contain toxic lead. When disposed of incorrectly, used car batteries can leak lead into the ground, poisoning groundwater supplies. Fortunately, it's not hard to recycle used car bat... Read More »

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What is battery recycling?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), batteries contain heavy metals that can contaminate the environment if not recycled. Many states have adopted specific legislation to mandate... Read More »

How does battery recycling work?

We all use batteries every day, whether in changing the television channel, working out bills on a calculator or using a flashlight to search the back of a cupboard. Recycling batteries prevents th... Read More »

Watch Battery & Recycling?

Watch batteries are small, round, silver colored and permanently sealed. Because of their shape and size, they are commonly called button cell or coin cell batteries. They are used in wristwatches,... Read More »

Power Tool Battery Recycling?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reports that Americans buy up to 3 billion dry-cell batteries (the battery type found in power tools) a year, and each American throws away an average of e... Read More »