DIY: Bugs That Eat Roses?

Answer Not all insects that visit rose bushes are friendly pollinating bees and butterflies. Aphids, thrips and Japanese beetles are some of the bugs that feed on roses. Mites, which are not insects but m... Read More »

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What is that name of the Looney Toons movie that bugs is narrating the story of how they came to be?

The closest film in answer to your question is "Bugs Bunny: Superstar" but it has as it's narrator the actor Orson Welles instead of Bugs Bunny (Mel Blanc) . The film features many of the original ... Read More »

Roses that bloom all summer?

Landscapers use a plant that's called a Knock Out. They bloom all summer but they have some nasty thorns.…

Roses That Stay Soft?

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." William Shakespeare's appreciation of the rose extends to modern day, but the softness of the rose is as appealing as the scent. Many people want to... Read More »

Perfumes That Smell Like Roses?

Rose is a classic and ubiquitous note in women's fragrances, at times to its detriment: the heavy prevalence of rose-scented perfumes has given these florals a reputation for smelling like "old-lad... Read More »