DIY Auto Carpet Dying?

Answer Stains, marks and general wear and tear can leave the carpet in your vehicle looking dull and dirty. Dyeing is one option for freshening up the carpet and covering some of the discolorations left a... Read More »

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How to Dry Wet Carpet in an Auto?

Automotive carpet can become wet if the seals around the windows or doors are faulty, or if the windows are left open during a heavy rain. If left untended, wet auto carpet can become moldy and dis... Read More »

How to Replace Auto Carpet?

Years of spilled drinks, muddy shoes and french fry grease take their toll on a car's carpets. Vacuuming and scrubbing won't save a threadbare rug. Replacing the carpet is one car repair that will ... Read More »

How to Cut & Mold Auto Carpet?

Molding and cutting automotive carpet is a delicate process. If you do not mold and cut the carpet correctly, you can ruin it. It is important to mold the carpet as much as possible before cutting ... Read More »

How to Install Auto Carpet & Pad?

The carpet inside most vehicles is made to withstand the daily wear and tear of driving, but eventually, even the best carpets will start to look dirty. Heavily-used vehicles may even develop holes... Read More »