DIY Aquarium Skimmers?

Answer Aquarium protein skimmers are filters that remove organic compounds from saltwater before they have a chance to break down and turn into nitrates. The skimmer works by mixing saltwater with air bub... Read More »

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How do I keep pond skimmers from freezing?

Keep Pond Skimmers From FreezingTurn off any water features to prevent any water from entering the pond. Remove the water left in the pipes, and unplug the pipes to prevent water from freezing in t... Read More »

How to Keep Pond Skimmers From Freezing?

Small backyard ponds freeze easily if the temperature drops below 32° F. for any length of time. Freezing can be harmful to aquatic life in the pond and it can also damage your pond skimmer. It's ... Read More »

Do skimmers leave black marks on the bottom of pebble-tech pools?

Answer Do you mean leaf skimmers net that are attached to the pole? If so, Yes. The aluminum outer support ring just under the plastic wear sleeve will leave a gray to black line as you push it al... Read More »

Is it normal to have air in the return lines if the pipe pressure is OK and the skimmers are full of water?

I think it could be normal, if the pool is not losing water.On my filter and pump, I have a valve, that when open, causes bubbles to come out of the low end jets, simulating the jets of a jacuzzi. ... Read More »