DIY AC Transformer?

Answer A transformer is a device that converts one level of AC voltage into another, either higher or lower. In transforming the voltage it also transforms the current. If the transformer raises the volta... Read More »

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Can a 50 VA transformer replace a 40 VA transformer in a heat pump?

A 50 VA (volt-ampere) transformer can replace a 40 VA transformer in a heat pump. The new transformer can yield a maximum of 50 VA; however, it will only supply the power the heat pump demands. In ... Read More »

How to Test a Transformer?

Transformers are passive electromechanical components that operate on the principle that every electrical field generates a magnetic field, and every magnetic field generates an electrical field. T... Read More »

How to Use a CRT Flyback Transformer?

Flyback transformers are used in cathode ray tube monitors and televisions. Designed to facilitate the horizontal movement of the scanning electron beam that excites the colored phosphor inside the... Read More »

How to Size a Transformer?

Transformers are used to scale the voltage available from the utility mains up or down to meet the needs of a load to be driven. While some loads may be suitable to be driven directly from the 120 ... Read More »