DID YOU KNOW that people can stalk you by...?

Answer Thanks, I try to keep my info, vague and inaccurate.

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Does the FBI use aircraft to stalk people?

How do I know if people stalk me on my Facebook and Myspace?

First off, I think we need to define stalking; people often use the term incorrectly.Stalking is intimidating someone by overtly following someone, trespassing on their property, contacting in a ha... Read More »

Do you Facebook stalk people in your class?

Yep I do it to all the cute girls in my class, especially late at night with a glass of wine and a box of tissues.

Do you ever "stalk" people you have a crush on, on Facebook/Myspace?

Lol yeah it isnt stalking tho cause that makes us sound like... Well .. Just Crazy!! haha we are just having a look at their photos and seeing wat they have been upto n stuff lol =] xxx