DDR vs DDR2 Help me! I have 1GB DDR and I want to buy another 1GB.?

Answer DDR2 memory is supposed to be better/faster. They have a higher timing, run at twice the speed of DDR, and at a lower voltage. However they have a slighter higher CAS latency, you wont notice... Al... Read More »

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Which performs better a single 2GB DDR2 or Dual 1GB DDR2 on two slots?

If your motherboard supports dual channel, then the dual channel is better.Matt, however is incorrect in saying that all motherboards in the past six years are dual-channel. Most are, however some ... Read More »

Problem adding 800MHz DDR2 RAM with 667MHZ DDR2....?

You can't mix SRAM with SDRAM.This is what Intel says your motherboard will accept:Memory • Two 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets• Support for DDR2 800 or DDR2 667 MHz... Read More »

Does a ddr2 ram slot need a ddr2 ram stick?

DDR2 ram modules have a key notch that only fits DDR2 slots. DDR2 slots will not accept DDR or DDR3 RAM modules. The three specifications for RAM (random access memory) are not forward- or backward... Read More »

Will DDR2-667 memory work with DDR2-800 memory?

DDR2-667 memory will work with DDR2-800 memory as long as the computer's motherboard supports DDR2-800. DDR2 memory slots will work with any DDR2 memory at or below the maximum supported speed. A... Read More »