DAP curriculum, NACCP, and child made classsroom stuff.?

Answer Relax...DAP is Developmentally Approrpriate Practice. They want children being able to move from product oriented art to process oriented art, which is basically allowing the children to create th... Read More »

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Does anyone remember what children's TV show 'handy hints' the hand that helped them make stuff was in. They made stuff like dinosaurs out of milk bottles?

I remember that program too! But cant for the life of me remember the name and want to find out!! Did you find out?

What is curriculum with special need child?

Hang in there First of all, you can do this and you will. I know it seems like a terribly difficult situation, with no easy answers, but understand that many, many young girls face the identical ... Read More »

What is the sticky stuff in envelopes made of?

The glue applied to envelopes is of two basic types. The glue applied to the flap that is sealed by the consumer is usually a gum. A typical natural gum is gum arabic, derived from a substance prod... Read More »

How Can I Stop My Child From Snooping Through My Stuff?

Curiosity is how kids and adults learn. It drives us to experience and explore new things. This drive is especially strong in children according to Scholastic's Early Childhood Today magazine. It s... Read More »