D3200 broken HELP!!!?

Answer Your camera is most likely toast.Not only was it on when it got wet, BUT...a properly maintained jacuzzi/hot tub is loaded with chemicals, normally bromine salts...and salts of ANY kind are corrosi... Read More »

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Go to the doctor. But on the way, and RIGHT NOW, ice it. Hope you feel better,xx♥e

Broken toe how to help it?

try using the ice and elevate method as described on this site -hope that helps with your recovery

Help!! broken retainer?

Do not wear the retainer anymore and call your orthodontics as soon as possible. Even if you used wax to stablize the wire, the wire would still be loose. It is not safe to wear the retainer anymore.

Broken fingernail help?

It might sound like a long time to grow back but you would be surprised. If it is bothering you just stick a plaster on it.