Cypress Mulch & Termites?

Answer Cypress mulch is made by grinding cypress tree branches and trunks through chippers. Cypress trees are important parts of swampland and wetland ecosystems, so logging of cypress for mulch is under ... Read More »

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Does cypress mulch attract termites?

Cypress mulch may attract termites if you apply too much of it. This is true of any type of mulch because the termites are attracted by the moisture retained by the mulch. They are not drawn by the... Read More »

How to Use Cypress Mulch?

Cypress mulch is the shredded bark of the cypress tree. Unlike other types of mulch, which look like nuggets, cypress mulch has a softer, shredded appearance. It is light in color, which benefits p... Read More »

Do termites eat cypress?

Termites will eat cypress, but they prefer the sapwood, which is the young outer part of the tree. They avoid the heartwood, which is the central wood. The resistance of a wood to termites may be d... Read More »

Cypress Mulch on Flowers?

Cypress mulch is used for gardening and landscaping. Many gardeners believe that cypress is long-lasting, attractive and effective at suppressing weed growth and ensuring moist soil. However, cypre... Read More »