Cylinder Lock Repair?

Answer If your ignition key is stuck in the lock cylinder of your vehicle, then there is very little that you can do to actually repair the lock cylinder mechanism so that it works properly. You will firs... Read More »

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How to Repair an Ignition Lock Cylinder?

If the ignition lock cylinder in your car is damaged and not able to help turn the ignition switch, your best method of repairing it is to replace the cylinder altogether. If the lock is damaged so... Read More »

How to Repair or Replace the Lock Cylinder on a 2002 Alero?

A broken or damaged lock cylinder may prevent the ignition key from turning and leave drivers stranded. After time, the tumblers inside the lock cylinder wear, eventually they become unable to cor... Read More »

What is the difference between a single cylinder&a double cylinder deadbolt lock?

Deadbolt locks offer a strong measure of security for exterior doors. Deadbolts are often used on both front and back exterior doors. Double cylinder deadbolts are designed for a specific purpose.F... Read More »

How to Replace the Key Lock Cylinder?

The key lock cylinder goes into the driver's side door and allows you to manually lock the door using a key. Some vehicles also have a manual key lock in the passenger door, but since the advent of... Read More »