Cylinder Head Information?

Answer An engine's cylinder head(s) is bolted directly to the engine block. The cylinder heads house the intake and exhaust valves, the valve springs, the rocker arms and the spark plugs. Water circulates... Read More »

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How do I Identify a Ford Cylinder Head by the Letters on the Head?

Identifying the Ford cylinder head code stamp can be quite easy, aside from the fact that certain makes must actually have the head removed to read the code, which appears on the underside of the h... Read More »

Can You Sand a Cylinder Head?

The cylinder head is a piece of cast metal, usually iron or aluminum, which is bolted onto the top of your engine block. It forms the top of the cylinders, contains the valves and has cooling ducts... Read More »

Cylinder Head Specifications?

Engines do not come together haphazardly. Design engineers think things out and design the engine accordingly. One area of design is the cylinder head. The dimensions of the cylinder head must be k... Read More »

How to Torque a Cylinder Head?

An engine's cylinder head seals off the engine head from the block, which contains internal combustion gases. The mating surface between the two engine parts must form a flat, tight seal. An asbest... Read More »