Cyclone Projects for Preschool Children?

Answer Cyclones, generally known as tornadoes, are rotating columns of air spinning from thunderstorms down to the ground. Wind speeds can reach up to 300 miles per hour and cyclones are capable of devast... Read More »

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Art Projects for Preschool Age Children?

Few materials are needed to provide art experiences for preschool children. Art stimulates a child's brain and can strengthen the connection between the right and left hemisphere. Children can colo... Read More »

3-D Art Projects for Young Preschool Aged Children?

Three-dimensional art projects can help young children to explore and discover spatial relations, learn about the artistic process, develop fine motor skills and finger coordination, and work with ... Read More »

Traffic Light Art Projects for Preschool Children?

Teach children all about traffic laws by using art projects. You can tie poems, songs and games into these art projects to help preschool children learn about traffic lights from many different ang... Read More »

Do preschool children develop better than children whose mothers stay at home and raise them?

Okay - first - daycare is NOT preschool. Many daycares say they offer a preschool curriculum, but please don't' confuse the two.My children attended traditional preschool. 2 mornings a week at 3,... Read More »