Cycling at the gym- how many calories is that?

Answer If I had to guess I would say that at a moderate effort where you are out of breath, but still able to speak you would be burning 300 calories per hour.But the only way you could really know this i... Read More »

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How many calories will i burn cycling...(10 points)?

Found you a calculator to plug in to get the calories. Follow my source.

What does peloton mean in cycling?

In the sport of cycling, the term "peloton" refers to the main group of riders, as opposed to any leaders in front of the group or stragglers behind it. Some observers sometimes use the term "pack"... Read More »

How to Use Cycling Signals?

Use these hand signals to communicate with drivers, other bikers, and pedestrian for a safe and enjoyable ride.

My well pump keeps cycling through off and on?

Sounds like you have a leak in your discharge line from the tank. It is not an all out busted line or your would see evidence of it. Also the bladder in your tank could be bad they sometimes act s... Read More »