Cyber hugs n kisses , how do you download them when they are sent to you?

Answer your brain waves registers them then sends them thru your blood to your heart ;)

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If spmeone kisses u on the cheek or just kisses u could u get hiv?

How to Like and Accept Hugs?

Hugs are a way to show affection towards a friend, or someone who is more than a friend, or even a complete stranger who you just met if that's your thing. Generally speaking, there is no guarantee... Read More »

What does it mean when your dad gets in bed with his daughter and hugs her?

It SIMPLY means that the father LOVES his daughter to death... Okay??NO more...:) :)

The Different Types of Hugs?

Man is a social animal. People need connectivity and reaching out and touching someone is the way to do it. Hugging someone is a way to demonstrate caring. Both the hugger and the person being hugg... Read More »