Cyber bullying in facebook?

Answer Just stop talking to him. If he does anything else to threaten you then call the cops. Don't put yourself in these situations from now on, just ignore it, there's a lot of crazies out there. If you... Read More »

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Cyber Bullying! please help?

Two wrongs does not make a right.The same thing happened to me, a girl told me to go kill myself.She is actually insane this girl, she meets all her boyfriends/girlfriends off bebo, tells people sh... Read More »

How will you help in preventing cyber bullying?

don't bully people through internet and don't let anyone cyber bully you

How can we stop cyber bullying?

According to the Safe Kids group, there is no stated definition of cyber bullying to allow research to look into the actual numbers or help define an adequate response. Safe Kids reports differing... Read More »

How to Combat Cyber-bullying?

Cyber-bullying is a relatively new form of bullying that can be very harmful to your child. Whereas bullies of the past resorted to physical or verbal taunts, cyber-bullies torture their peers onli... Read More »