Cutting out caffeine Did anyone feel like they had more energy?

Answer i cut out coffee for like a year and a half and i did have more energy. but not at first. it took me about a week to not depend on it anymore and feel good without it. but i drank a ton of water an... Read More »

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Does anyone else feel like they spend their entire day saying no and don't touch?

OMG! My life has turned into dont, no, stop, please! As you can see from my picture Cade has started to put his hands on his ears- like I can hear you. It cracks me up.I never taught him that eithe... Read More »

About to have 500ml of energy drinks. 30mg caffeine per 100ml. How long until i feel energised?

When you start throwing up and see things that aren't there.Dont bother with the drinks, go blading that will energise you,.

When they become more affordable, would anyone buy an electric car like the Tesla Roadster?

--------------Affordability is not as serious a problem as it might seem. In China, where electric vehicles are more popular, they are already very affordable. Look at these Chinese electric and hy... Read More »

They say uncircumcised men feel more sensation then circumcised... how would they know?

Well I know this several different ways. One, just from using common sense. The foreskin is one of the most sensitive parts (especially on the inside) and the head of the penis is the other sensiti... Read More »