Cutting Crown Molding Angles?

Answer Cutting angles on crown molding is not easy to do only because crown molding sits on a wall at a 45 degree tilt. The 45 degree tilt of the crown molding forces you to cut crown molding angles both ... Read More »

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How do I cut crown molding: angles?

Cut an Inside AngleCut inside 45 degree angles in one of two ways, either place the bottom edge of the molding against the bottom back edge of the saw base and adjust it to cut a 45-degree angle, o... Read More »

How to Measure Angles for Crown Molding?

Crown molding is commonly cut in standard corner turns. This means that the crown runs horizontal to the ceiling, then turns at an angle horizontal to the ceiling. However, these angles are rarely ... Read More »

Cutting Molding Angles?

Perhaps you've admired attractively cut angled joints in wood moldings, but may have no idea of how to create your own mitered joints. With the help of powered miter saws, the job is much simpler t... Read More »

What's the difference between crown molding and cove molding?

Crown Molding usually consists of a 90 degree angle placed in the crease of wall and then cove molding usually is a plain design and and consists of about 1/2 inch thick and only contains the angle... Read More »