Cute Up-Hairdos & Directions?

Answer An up-hairdo, often called an updo, is a hairstyle that gathers the hair together so it is not hanging loose. Updos can be sophisticated, classic, funky or fun. Fun updos are suited for casual occa... Read More »

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Cute Hairdos With Bangs?

Finding the right hairdo for your face shape, hair texture and desired maintenance level is a challenge. Once you have found your ideal hairstyle, you will occasionally want to make some changes to... Read More »

When reading directions, what does it mean when the directions say, make the 2nd left?

The directions "second left" and "third right" are so self explanitory that any answers here will only confuse you more.Take a taxi, get a chauffer, or memorize a map. That way you'll never be stu... Read More »

Bill Kaulitz, So cute! Weirdly cute Or just plain weird?

So cute! and Hot and SEXY!!!!!!!! I LOVE BILL!!! he's not just cute but he's so sexy!

How to Do 60's Hairdos?

The flip and beehive hairstyles were popular in the 1960s, and there are still women that wear versions of these styles today. The flip hairstyle used to be done the night before while the hair is ... Read More »