Cute Costume Ideas?

Answer If you are attempting to come up with a cute costume for Halloween, it can be a fine line between cute and inappropriate. Many Halloween or party costumes for women tend to create most of their cos... Read More »

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Cute Teenage Girl Halloween Costume Ideas?

Teenage girls enjoy dressing up for Halloween. They can let loose and emulate a celebrity they admire or embody the persona of a character who is their complete opposite. Since some parents disappr... Read More »

How to Make a Cute Sexy Minnie Mouse Costume?

Minnie Mouse, Mickey's counterpart and a beloved Disney character, isn't just a costume for little girls. With a little creativity and a few items, you can pull off a grown-up version of the adorab... Read More »

Costume Day Ideas?

When planning a costume day, allow the student body to help choose the costume theme. This will encourage greater participation among students. Use your imagination -- and encourage student ideas -... Read More »

Ideas for a Mad Hatter Costume?

The Mad Hatter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is a classic character. There are two distinctly different directions that can be taken for making a Mad Hatter co... Read More »