Cut will not heal. been a month..?

Answer Vitamin e oil helps heal scarring,also apply Vaseline on scar to protect skin.

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I've been taking tylenol every night for about a month and a half now.. when will my liver fail?

If you are not taking excessive amounts of the drug, your liver will never fail. Tylenol damages the liver when you take more than your liver can metabolize. There's an important enzyme that is use... Read More »

Its been about a month since i sprained my ankle when will i be able to play soccer and regain full mobility?

Have you seen a doctor? Were you diagnosed with a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree sprain? Have you been doing the exercises advised by your physical therapist? With such limited information on your part, a... Read More »

If you have been off the pill for a month are there health risks for the baby if you get pregnant the next month?

Here's my situ..I'v been the most ill I'v been in a while - hosp for a month just before Christmas?

Thrush is an oral yeast infection usually caused by high levels of antibiotics but it doesn't necessarily mean that your immune system was weakened, just that the antibiotics killed the good bacter... Read More »