Cut on the corner of your mouth?

Answer Try use a lip balm you spread with your finger or chapstick thats jelly-like. this is your best bet for constant moisture. Anfd drink more water dry lips are a sign of dehydration.

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Extremly dry skin at corner of my mouth?

You should use Cerave and Aquaphor. I had the same problem and it helped me a lot.

Home Remedy for Wrinkles on the Corner of the Mouth?

Trying to eliminate wrinkles around the corners of the mouth is bad enough without having to pay for expensive creams and ointments. Thankfully, there are a few products that you already have at ho... Read More »

What's that little bit of white stuff in the corner of my overseer's mouth, does she have rabies?

silly! thats what we call "invitation to french-kiss"...btw: does your overseer have an address?

Is it normal to still have pain when you open your mouth to eat and be unable to open your mouth fully 2 weeks after having your wisdom teeth removed?

Answer It can be normal. It's sometimes quite a surgery. If you are having any concerns, call you doctor. If it isn't getting better at all or starts to get worse, call your doctor. But some ac... Read More »