Cut on roof of my mouth! how to heal it!!?

Answer hi JacksonIm not realy sure, nut you may find a solution soon:)

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How do you Heal a cut in your mouth?

Basically, you can't do much. Clean it with a light salt-water mix, or a hydrogen peroxide and water mix (very diluted). Make sure you brush/floss well to keep the chances of infection down.Fortu... Read More »

Cut on Roof of my Mouth! Help!?

Drinking ice water will help slow the bleeding. Rinse with salt water made with Sea Salt (don't swallow)! Once the bleeding stops and healing begins be sure to rinse with something like Listerine... Read More »

How to heal cuts in mouth?

It should heal shortly. Just try some ice for the pain. If it does not stop bleeding in 2 hours go to the hospital or if a lot of blood is lost.

How can I make a cut in my mouth heal?

Sea salt helps I get cold sores alot from salty foods I use sea salt cup of hot water put some salt in twice a day you will be good