Cut on roof of my mouth! how to heal it!!?

Answer hi JacksonIm not realy sure, nut you may find a solution soon:)

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How do you Heal a cut in your mouth?

Basically, you can't do much. Clean it with a light salt-water mix, or a hydrogen peroxide and water mix (very diluted). Make sure you brush/floss well to keep the chances of infection down.Fortu... Read More »

How can I make a cut in my mouth heal?

Sea salt helps I get cold sores alot from salty foods I use sea salt cup of hot water put some salt in twice a day you will be good

How to heal cuts in mouth?

It should heal shortly. Just try some ice for the pain. If it does not stop bleeding in 2 hours go to the hospital or if a lot of blood is lost.

Roof of the mouth pain?

Hi! I have been in dentistry for over 25 years. Believe it or not this is a common problem. It is a palate irritation due to excessive dry mouth/acid irratation while you sleep. If you are a mo... Read More »