Cut my foot on glass in a river and it still hurts hours later?

Answer No, you're not going to die.It is unlikely that you would have felt the effects of any infection, in the way that you have, that soon after the incident. Infections normally take a lot longer to ta... Read More »

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What is the number hours required to build a 12 foot by 14 foot deck?

A basic 12- by 14-foot deck (not requiring footings, a staircase or a railing) can be built by two people in about two days (16 to 20 man-hours per person). More complicated deck designs will take ... Read More »

What would happen if my foot becomes infected from the piece of glass in my foot. ?

holy crap people on this site get way too over dramatic with this stuff. CALM DOWN you don't need to get your foot amputated. if it were that bad your foot would be black by now and you wouldn't ... Read More »

My foot really hurts?

I would definately check it out... Seems like a sever sprained ankle but considering its bruised as well - might be a fracture! Check it out with your GP and ask for his opinion :) If it is really ... Read More »

My foot hurts what should I do?

You shouldn't bite it when you stick it in your mouth.