Cut my finger yesterday with a knife how can i keep the cut clean?

Answer Clean it frequently (every few hours or so) with hydrogen peroxide.

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I cut my finger with a butcher knife yesterday how do i know if its infected?

If it was a deep cut.. Yes it's still going to bleed until it seals. Just keep it wraped up and clean it off once in a while.. If it falls off you know it's infected.

Cut my finger deep with a knife?

You might want to get it checked out by a doctor. My dad sliced his finger open one time and it wouldn't stop bleeding even after a band-aid, and going to the doctors he found he needed stitches.

Cut open my finger with a knife?

dab it with a damp soft towel, and wrap it with a bandage, if there's not a bandage the right size use a piece of gauze and some tape, wrap it tight to ensure that it would heal correctly, it shoul... Read More »

I sliced my finger with a knife!! help?

i did the same thing yesterday when i cut open my thumb trying to cut an apple. you should definetly go to a store an get gauze bandaging tape and neosporin so it doesnt get infected and probably w... Read More »