Cut & Paste Fruit Basket Activity for Preschoolers?

Answer In this lesson, your preschoolers will learn about different types of fruit. They will also have a chance to taste different fruits and complete a cut and paste fruit basket activity. The book for ... Read More »

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If I had a fruit basket to share with you, what would be the fruit you would select to eat?

A Farm Art Activity for Preschoolers?

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Art Activity for Preschoolers on Weather?

Preschoolers use all their senses and ideas when engaging in an activity, so when they're doing art projects related to weather, they bring with them their thoughts on yesterday's counting lessons ... Read More »

Fun Games & Activity Ideas for Preschoolers?

Children often learn best when they can interact and be involved in some form of a game. With preschoolers, typically you have limited attention spans and active imaginations, which require activit... Read More »