Cut Finger With A Broken Beer Bottle Help!!!?

Answer Poor you! From experience cutting fingers hurts like hell. The most important thing is the ensure you keep it clean, covered & apply some antiseptic cream/lotion/liquid or spray. It will take about... Read More »

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I cut my finger on a broken bottle in a stream, do i need a tetanus?

I seem to recall tetanus is only from rusted metal. However, it is worth going for a check up anyway, as there bay be any other type of infection.

Don't laugh.. just help please!! opened the beer bottle with my teeth and now my right jaw hurts?

lol, i used to do that until one day i ended up chipping my tooth and then i never did it again. No one notices that i chipped my tooth but i do. Anyways if it still hurts really bad you should go ... Read More »

Is my finger broken Help!!!?

It takes a little while for the blood to circulate to our fingers the blue and black you see on your finger is most likely just bruising depending on the impact of the ballIt could be fractured i d... Read More »

Can you help me name this beer from bottle description?