Customs of the Hupa Tribe?

Answer An ancient people who are unique among California native peoples in that they have never been moved off their original lands in the Hoopa Valley, the Hupa Indian Tribe, also known as the Hoopa Indi... Read More »

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Maori Tribe Customs and Traditions?

The Maori people are New Zealand's indigenous population. Originating from Polynesia, they arrived in New Zealand more than 1,000 years ago and remained relatively isolated from external influence ... Read More »

How to Get Red Hair in "My Tribe"?

There are three forms of red hair available through potions in "My Tribe," a PC-based island survival game which is also on Facebook. The options include red, auburn, and strawberry blonde hair, al... Read More »

My Tribe Facebook Mystery?

1.Iron Oxide Monolith (Red Rock)-drop one tribee with both 15 construction skill and 15 science skillREWARD: Makes anything using tools go quicker2.Celestial Starstone (Yellow rock with Star)-use s... Read More »

Tools of the Inuit Tribe?

The Inuit tribe has lived and survived in the Arctic for centuries. The Inuit or Eskimo people developed innovative social networks and survival techniques to deal with the harsh cold and extreme e... Read More »