Customs & Ceremonies of the Sioux Indians?

Answer The word "Sioux" refers to seven Indian tribes divided into three structures known as Teton, Yankton and Santee. This Sioux social organization dates to about 1700 after the Sioux settled in Missis... Read More »

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What Type of Life Did Sioux Indians Live?

The Sioux Indians were one of the first Native American nations to inhabit North America. Seven tribes comprised the Sioux: The Wdewakanton, Teton, Sisseton, Wahpekute, Yankton, Wahpeton and Yankto... Read More »

Types of Ceremonies?

Getting engaged is such an exciting thing. One of the most significant aspects of your wedding plans is the ceremony. It's the official program where all of your family, friends, co-workers and for... Read More »

How to Make a Sioux War Shirt?

The Sioux war shirt was worn by tribal warriors at special ceremonial gatherings. The designs on the war shirts represent acts of bravery, so each shirt was specific to the owner. In addition to fr... Read More »

Indian Wedding Ceremonies?

A typical American wedding can be summed up in three basic aspects: rehearsal, ceremony and reception. An Indian wedding is vastly different. Weddings are very important to the Indian culture becau... Read More »