Custom Macaw Cage Ideas?

Answer The macaw is a large bird that needs a good sized-habitat to keep it happy and healthy. When devoting this much space in the home to a cage such as the one needed for a macaw, a custom cage can hel... Read More »

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What size cage do you need for a green-winged macaw?

Parrots need cages in which they can spread their wings. As one of the largest macaws, the green-winged macaw has a wingspan of approximately 40 inches. As a minimum, a single green-winged macaws n... Read More »

Gerbil Cage Ideas?

A gerbil's home should be exciting, with interactive play areas and features that promote exercise. A maze of twisting tubes, running wheels and colorful hide-outs adds interest to any style of ger... Read More »

Crittertrail Cage Ideas?

Made by Super Pet, CritterTrail, also known as Crittertrail, is a brand of housings, toys, tubes, towers and drinking bottles for pet rodents such as hamsters, gerbils and fancy mice. These are fle... Read More »

Custom Exhaust Ideas?

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