Custodial Trust Agreements?

Answer A custodial trust agreement is an arrangement between two people where one party holds an asset as a custodian on behalf of the real owner.

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Can a custodial parent seek child support payments from the non custodial parent's new spouse if non custodial parent is unemployed?

Answer No. She has no legal responsability to the children. Only if she were to legally adapt them would she be responsibable. Answer No. Only the biological parents have any responsibility fo... Read More »

Can a non-custodial parent find out how much the custodial parent was reimbursed by secondary insurance carried by the custodial parent?

%REPLIES%AnswerIf you as a non-custodial parent are having to pay half of the medical expenses and you know he/she has secondary medical insurance, I suggest with the primary and secondary insuranc... Read More »

In Massachusetts what can a custodial parent do if 17 yr old child leaves the custodial home?

Answer Yes.It is possible for joint custody to be awarded under such circumstances.Two of the biggest factors would be the age of the child or children and the viability of the parenting plan subm... Read More »

Can the non custodial parent get counseling for the child without the custodial parents permission?