Curry and chips or curry and rice?

Answer chips

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How to Make Papad Curry (Poppadams Curry)?

This awesome dish can be served with rice or with roti. This is a quick recipe for instant gratification of the taste buds!

Shepherds pie, hot curry, fish and chips, moussaka or lasgne?

Lasagne Definetly because if i was at yours on a date and you cooked me dinner this is what might happen to me or anyoneshepherds pie - can give you the toots lolhot curry - too hot can make you fe... Read More »

How to Make a Tonkatsu Curry Rice?

Tonkatsu curry rice is an improved version of the Katsu curry. This is a rice topping variation of Katsu curry with Teppanyaki sauce and Gyudon sauce combined. Beef or Chicken can be substituted.